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Designed for ‘Churchill’s iron fist from the sea’, the British commandos, who were the forerunners of every special forces unit we see in the world today, the FS Fighting Knife led to a new breed of soldier, and since 1941 it has remained the symbol of the military elite.

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The first pattern blade is made from a CS75 high carbon steel, each being individually heat treated for both optimum performance and edge retention. The blade is then hand ground, by eye. The grinding process takes place on a huge grinding wheel, running through a trough of water, each one coming to life with an act of theatre in its own right.

The grinder perches over the wheel on their horsing seat, gently pressing the steel against the wheel, bringing its profile to life. As the process continues, wet particles of steel and stone, known as the swarf, splatter against the a board positioned at the front of the wheel, which adds its fingerprint to the hundreds of various other blades that preceded it.


The handle, pommel and cross-guard are produced in small batches by a highly skilled technician on a CNC lathe, in either brass or mild steel. Once polished and finished to fit, the cross-guard, handle and pommel are affixed to the blade’s tang by an expert knife-maker. 


Once assembled, the 1st pattern’s charisma and unparalleled balance can be felt by anyone who wields it. 


Lovingly and painstakingly revived by examining countless original 1941 1st pattern knives, a cross section of the best have been considered for each and every detail carried forward to this model. Embodying all of its character, attributes and specifications, bringing you the best we can, truly capturing the essence of our predecessors at Fairbairn Sykes.

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Fill in your details to receive the FS Heritage 1st pattern order form.

Our original Fairbairn Sykes knives and accessories encompass every element of time and care that one would expect in any heritage brand’s core collection. Each individual FS Heritage dagger is handmade by one of our expert knife-makers and has a unique serial number. If you're interested in learning more about our FS Heritage range please fill in your details below and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

It is an offence for any person under the age of 18 years to purchase knives. Fairbairn Sykes only supplies such knives and related equipment to customers over the age of 18 years in accordance with the relevant legal requirements and subject to our terms and conditions of sale.


We reserve the right to refuse the sale if we have reasonable cause to believe that the prospective customer is below the age of 18 years, or if we believe that the supply of goods to the prospective customer may infringe the Law or present an unacceptable potential risk to the safety of themselves or others.


Our main goal is to promote the safe use of the specialist tools and for this reason we always take the necessary measures to ensure that our knives and tools are promoted in a responsible manner.

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