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The products available under Defence procurement on this website are restricted for military, law enforcement and special forces sales only, and could be subject to background checks and / or export licenses and permits.


Please note that the 4th pattern FS dagger and our FS Custom services are only available to the defence industry and its personnel.

For further information on the Fairbairn Sykes defence range of products and the upcoming 4th pattern launch please contact us through the below enquiry form.

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& Side Arms
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Historically, the FS fighting knife has been used by the elite regiments of the United Kingdom and its allies since 1941. 


Since then, no competing blade, in the dagger category has come to market from a UK manufacturer at the same quality of the original FS fighting knife. 


With a modernised perspective and input from the modern deployed operators, we are looking to fill the market void by positioning ourselves as the UK’s premier side arm manufacturer for today’s soldier.


  • Controlled single sourced British drop forgings.

  • Compatible with modern body armour systems.

  • Improved sheath design fit for purpose and battle ready.

  • Renewed brand identity.

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